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I'm running for a 3rd term as Republican House District 34 Legislative Representative. Wyoming is changing.  I promised in 2020, to be an advocate for freedom.  I am honoring this promise as a Rural district representative and an American.  Our district is small town with rural people and families, not large cities.  I believe that means standing up for our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, working for fiscal responsibility, accountability, transparency, decency, and our private property rights!  The onslaught of Federal money has saturated our government and appetites.  This isn't free money, this is debt.


Protecting life from conception to natural death is paramount.  A society that doesn't value life, doesn't value people or the liberty that goes with that. Human life should not be determined by convenience or politics.  My work to help provide resources during times of decision is important to me.  These decisions decide life and death and are not easily reversible.


 The weight of getting information to you, the voters, including you in decisions, and my service in this very expansive district is valuable and difficult.  The miles, data, and materials are expensive.  If you can, please consider making calls, attending and hosting events, walking precincts, or supplying financial support to help with my campaign.  Any amount will be greatly appreciated. 


Checks or cash are accepted currently.  Thank you.


Pepper Ottman For HD #34

P.O. Box 150

Riverton, WY 82501

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