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Primary Election Aug 20, 2024

General Election Nov. 5, 2024









"Larry and I have lived in  House District 34 for 26years. In that time we have shared, with you, the ups and downs of Wyoming life.  We have seen droughts and rain, fires and floods, prosperity and want.  Yet through all of it, this is home. 


 We are experiencing many issues that require action.  I have worked, as your WY Representative to understand the changing times and to stand against that which is strangling our medical, financial, and personal liberty's.  Our freedom is threatened, by others, when aggression, debt,  endless spending, and attacks on our families, takes the lead over responsibility and reason. 


I work hard and know you do too! 


 Those of us who live in this very diverse House District , from Dubois to Jeffrey City, have lives that differ from those of larger cities.  We must STAND UP if we are to keep the liberty it takes to build good lives in these wide open, rugged spaces that we all call home!


I have worked, these last four years, as your Representative, through 2Regular Sessions, 2Budget Sessions, Redistricting, the virus shutdown, and a Special Session.  I served on the Labor/Health Committee  and now on the Corporations, Elections, and Political Subdivisions Comm.. Our elections are what stands between us and a takeover.   My labor is to secure the values that we hold as important; 

Life, Liberty and Private Property. 

Please check the "Issues" tab Above.


I will continue, with your vote, to STAND UP as a voice for you. 


 Please vote Aug 20 and Nov. 5, 2024

~Pepper Ottman WYHD34

I Strongly Support:



Second Amendment

Financial Responsibility

Lower Taxes

Private Property Rights

First Amendment

I humbly ask for your vote in the WY Primary Election on Tuesday August 20, 2024 and again on Tuesday, November 5, 2024 in the WY General Election.  

  It will be an honor to continue representing the district and the people that I truly care about !!

WY HD34 Representative Pepper Ottman - Together, Let's Stand!

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